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3 Values for Designing Websites.


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Effective Process for Website Design in Belfast, Carrickfergus and NI

Lots of Research!

I'll research your industry, competition and most importantly: your target audience's demographics, geographics, psychographics and behavioural traits.

In Depth Ideation!

I'll brainstorm ideas of the best ways to structure your business' website with goals to convert new visitors into loyal customers and brand followers.

Sketch, Design, Develop!

I'll even sketch website layout ideas before I write a single line of code. And only when you’re happy, I'll start to develop your commercial website.

I'm also quite possibly the most social web designer Belfast has! 😉

For 15 years, Bob's Pizzeria was a huge success. The business was founded by his father, who left Bob in charge when he retired. Bob's main frustration was a reduction in sales since customers started using Just-Eat. He disagreed with commission charges, so he hired a web developer to generate sales online through a website. His website didn't work well on mobile phones and tablets - around 75% of his traffic came from mobile devices. Pages loaded slowly which meant customers left before purchasing. He drove some traffic to his website but conversions were rare. My solution for Bob was to tap into his experience and map 3 customer personas - imaginary profiles of Bob's typical customers. Armed with this, I redesigned his website, using Google's speed analysis tool, content to help his customers and split testing via Google Analytics. Next, we planned and scheduled social media posts to engage his audience by attracting, engaging, converting and capturing customers. In six months: sales increased, he held a following of loyal customers and he had fulfilled his father's dream of growing the pizzeria's success. Not only this, Bob now had the means to expand the pizzeria into new, uncharted territories. In short - Bob lived happily ever after.
He was a Hero.